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17-19 March 2024

Once a year, we Ignite!



it’s time to Ignite!

EO’s annual grand gathering, the event of the year is almost upon us. Join fellow members under sun drenched African skies and together transcend the boundaries of innovation and industry.

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In 2024 South Africa’s economic and cultural capital Johannesburg will step forward once again, rise to the occasion and welcome you to:

  • The City of Gold
  • Home to the Richest
  • Square Mile in Africa
  • Africa’s economic powerhouse
  • Your gateway to Africa

“I love Johannesburg; the energy of the city is inspiring and the people are so dynamic. it’s a place of endless opportunities”

-Trevor Noah

Some of the thought leaders we had on stage over the years

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Ignite 2024 LIKE NO OTHER

Drawing from Johannesburg’s deep well of inspiration comes a conference immersed in an energy that will refresh every sense of your being. Our team and members have worked purpose and feel into every detail to ensure a magical experience that will leave you tingling well after the sun has set on this incredible event.

Want to be a part of the magic?

Ignite 2024 promises to…


Jump into our networking melting pot with fellow members and stir the spirit of Ubuntu. Take this wonderful opportunity to speak, listen and share. In Africa we say that “knowledge is like a garden, if it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested”.


Lessons learnt is what drives the world forward. Listen to the fascinating stories of our peers and partners, embrace their experiences and unlock insights that make the difference.


South Africa’s rich cultural tapestry will delight your senses every minute of your stay. MyEO events will leave you in awe and wonder ensuring your trip is the finest mix of business and pleasure.


What you can expect at Ignite 2024

A physical and a digital marketplace

Doing business is what we do best. Join members and partners and showcase the best of you.

One-on-One sessions with africa’s best

Get up close with multinational African corporate leaders and representatives. Exchange ideas that realize full potential.

Network Like it’s your business

Keep the world spinning with EO members from around the world. Build the networks that build a better tomorrow.


Add-on a pre-event trip in the heart of South Africa’s wilderness or a post-event sensory journey through the renowned Cape WInelands.

THE GATEWAY TO AFRICA awaits YOU. DON’t miss out!

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